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Nottingham Photographer

First to introduce myself. My name is Malcolm Parnham. I have been interested in photography for most of my life but I have been taking it seriously since 2002 since when I have been honing my skills and coming up with ideas and techniques. I have been showing my pictures to fellow photographers with good effect.

I work to the desires of the individual customer. I have portable studio equipment that can be set up where it is desirable. I work from home where I can set up the full studio or if desired I can travel to the home of a client or photograph on location outside. To start just call me or email me and we can organize the shoot together to whatever you desire and all agreements made with the customer will be adhered to.

Professional Photography

I have a reputation for producing natural, relaxed and dynamic photographs. I have a stand back style trying not to push the client around too much as this may spoil the spontaneity and enjoyment of the customer. This can allow the customer to express themselves and come up with their own ideas as well as my own and the enjoyment will show in the eventual pictures.

I can provide photographs from small 4 x 6 inch up to A3+ at 33 by 48cms. They can also be put on canvas or CD disc. Also people have large numbers of old photographs lying around, vulnerable to damage or loss, so I can scan them and put them on a disc where they will be safe and preserved for many years. Scratches and dirt can be removed and the pictures restored to their original condition so that the past can come back, I can enlarge and print off any photos that you may wish.

I get a great deal of satisfaction from photographing people. I think of myself as creating memories for people to enjoy for many years in the future. I feel it is a privilege to create these images for people, knowing that many years from now I will leave a legacy of photographs that people can look at and get enormous pleasure from forever more.

I have used some of my client photographs on this website. If any client is not happy with this, I will remove the photo on request and will give my apologies.

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